Hey there,

So, Corona Sunsets Festival, Johannesburg 2018 just happened.

First off, I have to say that it really was an honour to be allowed to cover such an event and I would love to convey my deepest thanks to the organizers.

On my way to the festival, I thought to myself that my map was spot-on, but as per usual, if you are looking forward to something, you are going to most probably get lost. Only after arriving at the venue “eventually”, did I realise that Corona did plan for people getting lost, and actually sent us directions before hand. Which I think is actually quite fantastic, I might add.

Once arriving, I had a very warm welcome from the staff and was ushered to the “Media Area” (this was quite cozy, for when it rained).

I found that, by adding WiFi access points around the venue, the event helped attendees stay connected with friends, which is a bonus for me, as I usually lose signal while inside the venue.

As I was walking around the venue,I spotted numerous security guards patrolling the area, which is another bonus for someone with a camera. I do notice that a lot of the times, people tend to complain about security after an event, but I have also taken note that they do not take care of their belongings and then blame the security for not doing their jobs, which I personally feel is rather unfair towards the security.

I walked around taking pictures and encountered so many friendly people along the way, which just goes to show that “Music can Unite us”.

I am so utterly thrilled that I got the chance to photograph major artists including Kungs, DJ Fresh, Masters at Work and so many more. This is a real honour for me.

On my way out of the venue, I encountered a security guard, who without me asking, told me that he would walk with me to my vehicle. When I told him that I would be okay and that it was not necessary, he insisted that he was just doing his job.

I truly loved every aspect of the festival, from stage design, to security and especially the artists that performed and I would definitely recommend that you attend any upcoming ones.


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