Recently, I had the opportunity to cover another event hosted by the magnificent Corona (beer).

The Sands Nightclub played host to Corona Chasing Sunsets ft. Sam Feldt – Joburg and boy was it amazing. We were welcomed into the event by some beautiful ladies and walked straight onto the dance floor, overlooking the infamous Corona Mandala. 

A short walk away, was the bar, which was packed with happy festival goers, ready to order their Corona’s. Now I personally really couldn’t wait to listen to Sam Feldt, but I surely didn’t get bored of the other DJ’s sets. DJ Abby Nurock, brings a special flare to an event, using her LP(Vinyl) decks to perform. Next up came DJ Euphonik. You can see that Euphonik uses his experience to get a crowd moving on the dance floor, and was the perfect build up to Sam Feldts’ set.

It was officially time for the mastermind, behind “Been a While”, to come on. “OH WOW!”, thats all that I can say. I know I said that I couldn’t wait for Sam to play, but it was definitely worth the wait. But I realized that my excitement was nothing compared to that of the crowd.

After Sam left the stage, we were treated to Kyle Cassim and Dean Fuel bringing their musical talents to the fore. I honestly feel that Corona always knows who to bring to the party to make it amazing, as I always have a blast covering these events.




Until next time. Keep Raving and remember: “This Is What We Live For!”

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